Cybersecurity – What are the threats facing your business network, and how can you protect against them?

INCS is a security-first IT services provider, and we believe it is our job is to protect your business network from bad actors that want to harm you and your bank account. Recently, more than one hundred thousand organizations were impacted with the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware outbreaks. No one, including us, can guarantee 100% protection, but we can do everything possible to make your organization safe and effective.

The question for you is: How close to the best-possible protection level is your business today?

The internet we all operate on is full of vibrant cyberthreats, and we are exposed to viruses and malicious threats daily. WannaCry and NotPetya have heightened our concerns for all of our clients, as it has opened a whole new landscape of exploits. We will help you determine the level of security you recognize as being sufficient for your business needs. To ensure you make the best decision, here are some key facts:

1. Have a comprehensive patching program in place to ensure potential vulnerabilities are filled – this is first because without it, the door is open, and you’re exposed.

2. Use a firewall that provides a high level of traffic control to minimize unwanted arrivals and to control outward reaching access to dangerous internet sites. The firewall should be aware of and in constant communication with the user workstations, to keep threats from spreading.

3. Run state-of-the-art Anti-Virus and Active Malware protection that is as vibrant and current as the cyber-attacks you will be facing. Not all software is equal or as complete as it needs to be.

4. Have a robust Data Protection plan running in lockstep with cybersecurity, to give you safe and secure backup and business continuity. This is your fail-safe for when things go wrong.

5. Make sure your user workstations have Anti-Ransomware software to stop the fastest-spreading threat against your business. Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection usually miss ransomware.

6. Train your users on a regular basis – most attacks rely on the unwitting cooperation of a user. Teach them not to click on uninvited links or attachments – understand the risks.

INCS can help you prevent exploits in each of these areas, and here’s how:

1. We offer a managed services approach to patching so your workstations and servers receive tested, proven patches and continuous monitoring for system health.

2. We partner with Sophos for firewalls that can monitor your network and end-points, which is exclusive to the leading-edge Sophos solution. They have Security Heartbeat which keeps the firewall and the workstations in continuous communication, looking for a compromised system and shutting it off the network to isolate any damage. Security Heartbeat is available on our new systems, and older firewalls can usually be converted to this level of security. Upgrading to Security Heartbeat in your network is quick and easy, ask our Account Executive how it works.

3. Again, Sophos is our choice for end-point protection– for servers, workstations and even mobile.

4. We partner with Datto for comprehensive Data Protection – backup, restore and continuity.

5. Sophos has recently integrated Intercept X to actively hunt for bad behavior inside your system and to stop ransomware dead in its tracks. Today’s threats require this kind of protection.

6. We offer training through KnowBe4 to test and train your employees how to handle fake emails, sketchy attachments and more. Do your employees know and follow the best safe practices? We can help you train your staff and make you safer.

We urge you to re-evaluate your defenses and imagine the costs associated with a successful ransomware or other malware attack. Most of the time the cybercriminals do return the data of those who pay, but the WannaCry perpetrators wrote some rushed, sloppy code and lost encryption keys. It’s estimated that only 5% of the victims actually received a working key to unlock their encrypted data. Imagine that, criminals can’t be trusted to even be good at their job!

The threat is real and growing. The cost of protection is far less than the cost of the risk. Call or email us for help: [email protected], 704-362-1682, option 1.

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