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Office 365 Business subscriptions become Microsoft 365 Business

Effective April 21, 2020, Microsoft is re-branding the Office 365 services that are widely used in small and medium-sized businesses to become “Microsoft 365.”           By Brian Allison, April 21, 2020 New Product Names The new product names go into effect on April 21, 2020. This is a change to the product name only, and there are no pricing or feature changes at this time.
  • Office 365 Business Essentials will become Microsoft 365 Business Basic.
  • Office 365 Business Premium will become Microsoft 365 Business Standard.
  • Microsoft 365 Business will become Microsoft 365 Business Premium.
  • Office 365 Business and Office 365 ProPlus will both become Microsoft 365 Apps. Where necessary we will use ...
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IT – Vendor Partnerships

Understanding the technology options in today’s world is mind-boggling, to say the least. Everyone has their opinions, their products, their solutions and their mindset that they have the best thing since sliced bread. If you have been around long enough, you know that you cannot believe everything that you hear. But what and who can you believe? In most cases, you rely on the relationships that you have built and the companies that seem to really care… care about you (not just your money) and care enough to be honest about their product/solution and how it stacks up to the ...


  • Q. Who needs collaboration?
  • Q. What should be included in a collaboration app?
  • Q. Who are the players?
History of collaboration: First some background: 25 years ago, collaboration in technology was, for the most part, a manual process where people would use their existing audio conferencing and applications, sometimes over a WAN (Wide-Area Network), to work on projects together. This became easier when WebEx came out with a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, allowing people to share a document from their PC in real time, and provide others with remote control ...

Ransomware Report for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)

Ransomware Report for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)
  • Downtime and data loss are more costly to the business than the ransom
  • More SMBs are reporting attacks to the authorities
  • Fewer SMBs are paying the ransom
  • Paying the ransom too often results in data remaining encrypted-the hostage is not released
  • Ransomware often remains in the victim’s network even after paying, leading to another attack
  • The arms race between security and ransomware continues, so data protection is essential
In their survey report of IT service providers to SMBs, the data protection company Datto finds that the threat of ransomware is ...
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