Hosted Email

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Hosted email services combine a hosted Microsoft Exchange platform with a robust email threat protection and email security solution to provide your company a powerful, secure platform for your email, calendars, address book, contacts and tasks. This service is compatible with the latest mobile device platforms: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

Whether you need to access your email in the office, at home or while visiting your clients, our email solutions offer the latest technologies to make sure you’re always connected – easily and securely – with the people important to your business.

Email Encryption

Our advanced email encryption service is an easy-to-use, cloud-based email encryption solution that lets users encrypt and decrypt email and attachments with a single click. It works with all web-based email systems and enables private email to be exchanged with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Unlike many encryption solutions that require special software or “keys,” our platform is different. It uses Secured PDF Exchange (SPX) technology – recipients view an encrypted message by using Adobe Reader and their secure credentials. It is a content-aware, policy-based email encryption service that readily scans email for sensitive content.

Email Archiving

Our cloud-based email archiving solution enables organizations of all sizes to streamline eDiscovery and regulatory compliance needs while reducing IT costs. Compatible with all major email platforms, it uses advanced cloud computing technologies. Every email sent or received is automatically stored in the cloud with no hardware or software required. Users simply turn on journaling in any of the major email platforms and our solution does the rest. For pennies per gigabyte your email is archived, indexed and stored securely in the cloud for easy retrieval for ten years or more.

Spam and Virus Filtering

Our spam and virus filtering service is one of the premier, and most robust, email security services for companies of any size and across nearly every industry. It provides enhanced email anti-virus, spam, and use either software-as-a-service (SaaS) or on-site solutions. For more than a decade, it has delivered comprehensive protection against email threats. Our industry-leading cloud service is deployed between the Internet and your network, while our on-site solution can reside behind or outside your network. Inbound and outbound emails are scanned and unwanted messages are isolated before they have a chance to disrupt your business.