Computer Equipment

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Strategic Partnerships: INCS partners with many hardware and software vendors, using their technology ourselves first to avoid installation and usage problems for our clients. Through strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Lenovo, Meraki, Sophos, VMware, Extreme Networks, 3CX and others, we provide our clients with pricing and support advantages for business-class hardware needs.

Do You Have What You Need? Our customized Network Assessment is a great tool to benchmark your current systems, warranties and more. To aid in your short-term and long-term budgeting, we will assess what you need now, what you’ll need in five years and what you’ll need in ten years. And INCS makes sure you’re not buying a Maserati when a Volvo will do (or vice versa).

Consumer Grade: Most equipment sold through retail outlets is considered consumer grade, and is manufactured using components available at the lowest price. These products are sold with a shorter warranty period and a lesser operating system version called “Home.”

Business Class: Business Class systems sold through companies like INCS are manufactured using the components that are tested and certified to work together, and typically have a three year warranty. This is true for nearly all networking components. At INCS we are committed to ensuring that we help you protect your technology investment, and more importantly your data, with business class technology.